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  • Chaoyu Yang

    Chaoyu Yang

    Founder/CEO of BentoML, building open source MLOps platform for model serving https://github.com/bentoml

  • Yusuf Sarıgöz

    Yusuf Sarıgöz

    Sr. AI engineer, Google Developer Expert on Machine Learning, founding organizer of TensorFlow Turkey community. Currently AI Researcher @ Qdrant.

  • Pieter Steyn

    Pieter Steyn

    Chief Information Officer, Luxaviation Group.️ Leadership/Mindset, ML/AI, data engineering, analytics, stats. All views are my own.

  • Marco Cerliani

    Marco Cerliani

    Statistician Hacker & Data Scientist | I CAN WRITE FOR YOU: https://it.fiverr.com/share/Z42o5m

  • Bahar Salehi

    Bahar Salehi

    I help businesses build AI products and make data-informed decisions. Eager to learn new things and write about learnings, some of them earned in a hard way!

  • Arthur Mello

    Arthur Mello

    I solve problems using data

  • Juras Juršėnas

    Juras Juršėnas

    COO at Oxylabs, focused on innovation management and world-leading technology

  • Terence Shin

    Terence Shin

    Data Scientist @ KOHO | Data and Marketing Advisor | Top 1000 Writer on Medium | MSc, MBA | https://www.linkedin.com/in/terenceshin/

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